Chanaka Madushan Herath
2 min readJul 22, 2020

What is a whistleblower?

A whistle-blower discloses data regarding corruption or alternative wrongdoing being committed in or by associate degree organisation to people or entities believed to be ready to ready to organisation itself, the relevant authorities, or the general public.

How will whistleblowing affect you?

Whistleblowing is one among the foremost effective ways in which to sight and stop corruption and alternative malpractice. Whistleblowers’ disclosures have exposed wrongdoing and fraud, helped save millions publically funds, avoid disasters for health, the surroundings. Whistleblower’s necessary role in safe guarding the general public smart is repeatedly verified by the scandals they uncover, like industry-scale minimization, and concealment .
However, additional|more} cases of wrongdoing might are prevented if more individuals had move to show issues to their organisations, the authorities or the media. sadly, coverage typically comes at a high price: whistleblowers risk their career, their living and generally their personal safety to show wrongdoing that threatens the general public interest. they’ll be dismissed, sued, blacklisted, arrested, vulnerable or, in extreme cases, ill-treated or killed. And in some societies, whistleblowing carries connotations of betrayal instead of being seen as a profit to the general public.
Ultimately, societies, establishments and voters lose out once there’s nobody willing to cry foul within the face of corruption.

What must be done?

The 3 main reasons individuals offer for not coverage corruption are:

1.fear of the implications (legal, financial, reputational)

2.the belief that nothing are going to be done, that it’ll not build any distinction

3.uncertainty regarding however, wherever and to whom to report

Protecting whistleblowers from unfair treatment, together with return, discrimination or disadvantage, will cheer individuals to report wrongdoing and increase the probability that wrongdoing is uncovered and fined. Companies, public bodies and non-profit organisations ought to introduce mechanisms for internal coverage.



Chanaka Madushan Herath

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